Each time you come to the Resident Dining Hall in Provincial House, you will swipe your TritonCard and spend One Meal Block per “All You Care to Eat” meal. You may also choose to use Meal Blocks on North Campus in The Nosh during meal equivalency times: Monday through Thursday from 10:30 AM until 4:00 PM. Two Meal Blocks may be used per meal period. Meal Blocks do not roll over from semester to semester.

Your Declining Balance dollars are added to your TritonCard and work similar to a debit card. The cost of what you purchase will be deducted from your Declining Balance account as you use it. Declining Balance dollars can be used at all Sodexo Campus Dining Locations: The NoshProvincial House Dining HallEinstein Bros. BagelsCafé TJ, and the Oak Hall C-Store. Declining Balance rolls over from Fall to Spring, but is cleared out at the end of the Spring semester. Should you ever need to add Declining Balance dollars, you may do so in the office of Residential Life with this form. Another option is to add Dining Dollars through umsldining.com using a credit card - learn more about Dining Dollars below!

Dining Dollars are another Declining Balance option that can be used by faculty, staff, and students at UMSL. They must be purchased with cash or credit card (cannot be applied to your student account) and can be used everywhere you can use your meal plan. Unlike our other meal plans, Dining Dollars never expire so long as you are active on UMSL’s campus. To activate a Dining Dollars account, visit meal plan. After your initial purchase, you may add more to your account on the same page or with any Sodexo cashier on campus. We give bonus bucks for every purchase over $100 Dining Dollars!

Students with food allergies or medical dietary concerns should contact Residential Life and Housing to discuss potential meal plan options. Please be prepared to provide documentation of allergy or medical dietary concern.